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We have only the most unique and unusual animated wishes for a birthday, which are created by the best motion designers and developers. So, we are preparing a design, a flawless background, and adding pleasant wishes. And you have to download the postcard using any available device and send it. Even a person who came to our website for the first time can cope with this task!

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Use Only Modern Options

Every birthday wish animation design is a work of art! A whole team of creators is hardworking to create these greeting pictures from scratch and provide you with the best ideas. We create images only in high resolution and quality. Using our 1080 x 1350 resolution you will be sure that the recipient will open and watch it using any device with different screen sizes.

Most Common Formats

To make sure you can download and send animated images for birthday wishes, we use only standard formats that can be played on all modern gadgets. GIF and MP4 video is the best choice for animated images. Moreover, you can use any available messaging and social media platforms to send our postcards. Make a story on Instagram, post the image on your Twitter account, and send it to the birthday person via Telegram, Viber, or other messengers. Any application and device are suitable for sending!

Get the Best Animated Wishes for Free

Any image offered on our website is free to use. If you want to congratulate your loved one using an animated GIF for birthday wishes, you can do this without restrictions on the number of images and other parameters. But, if you are going to post our images on your website, refer to our platform from where you took the picture. So, we will be able to develop further, and our designers will get even more motivation to work and delight people with unique and unusual postcards!

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